Monday, March 19, 2012

New Guy

Here are the other two, the second is the newest adaption of the Adventure Series. (It must be annoying that I keep referencing it.) Anyway, I decided to add another "character" to the drawings and tweak the girl's appearance. I guess I was getting bored with her old look. 

I have two more on the way, once again. So far, I've been making two a night. It's impressive because I normally do one a month. Hahaha...this two a night deal probably won't last long.

Scribb #118

Scribb #117-new character debut
Can you spot the mistake? 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abstracted Travels

I have been hating school work lately. Midterms have left me stressed out which equates in me watching tv or napping (even though I should be studying). ANYWAY, I finally found some time, after taking two midterms, to ink out some stuff. 
I have not drawn for awhile (2 weeks) so my pictures came out a little different than normal. These are part of the Adventure series still, but a little more fuzzy. I hope they are interesting to look out. 

Two more are also on the way! (though not as "abstracted")

Scribb #116

Scribb #115 
(this one is my favorite because I totally messed up at first and 
I was about to throw this away)