Monday, August 29, 2011

Drawings that aren't serious.

I'm rather busy now...and taking four art classes. So, most of my creativity will be for grades now...probably less drawings will be posted here since I vowed to myself not to post any potential portfolio pieces on here. Anyway.

Scribb #92
I drew this in a card for someone, so its rather small.

Scribb #91
This is a reference to the first drawing I ever put on this blog...ever. You can compare here.

Scribb #90

Scribb #89

Opposites? Morose Molly, and Happy Heidi? 

And two photos to record that San Francisco did have a sunny day this summer.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tilt-Shift fun or "It's a Small World"

So after summer classes, I thought I'd be ready to draw again. WRONG! I was worn out. I haven't drawn anything, really. I will be taking 4 art classes this I will probably be sick of drawing by Christmas. Instead of drawing, I invested my time in reproducing the look of a tilt-shift lens with photoshop. I took all the photos and photoshopped them by myself, because I am an Adult. 

(The last two are sort of failures...)