Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've been at the beach much more these last two weeks than I have been this entire year. This is because my area of living is not known for having warm beaches...Anyway, I've still been under the spell of the beach, with its sandy dunes, and relaxed atmosphere. I was only able to work on one real drawing because I started my summer classes this week.

The rest of the drawings are rough 2 minute sketches. I've also included for your viewing pleasure, my beach photos!

Scribb #79

I drew these after watching a fantastic anime called Eden of the East...I'm not a big anime fan, but the art/animation in this short series is fantastic, and the plot is also quite interesting. I think its my favorite...which isn't saying much as I haven't watched that many.

My Beach Photos:

My silly little kite which I thoroughly enjoyed kiting with. I did get bored, as this particular model is extremely easy to get into the challenge...

 Couldn't believe this was intact on the beach still

Styling at its best.

I hope to draw this weekend despite the fact that I have a test on Monday, and I should be studying instead. I've been seeing lots of wonderful photos of really beautiful places, and I want very much to draw them!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Treks

It's summer!! However, I start summer classes next monday...
I found some time to make some quick sketches. I was inspired by summer(obviously), the beach (because I visited some recently), and This Photo.
I hope you enjoy!

Scribb #78

Scribb #77

Scribb #76

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frenzy Scribbs

I had a very strong urge to draw on Tuesday night, so I drew these 6 pieces one right after the other. Quality is lacking, but not the quantity! 
Also, I was packing for a trip last night, and took some last minute photos of these. The lighting was insufficient so they are quite noisy...please ignore. These photos came out so badly that it looks like I drew them on newsprint.




 Awkward....Do not like this one.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is a Sign of Summer

School took over my life, and my creativity was exhausted on my painting class, which is ironic, because it didn't require much outside thinking. I haven't drawn much at all, and therefore, I've lost all the ideas that I had. Basically, I don't know what to draw, and things I drew tonight all sucked. I included one. 

This is a duck I saw while driving around a gated community...I thought it was random, seeing a duck on someone's front lawn. 

My Shoe(s)

My tiny bus!

Scribb #69

 My final in my painting class. It was painted over the course of 3 about 13 hours? It was pretty boring, because it was a still life. I've looked at this so much that I don't like it at all now. Maybe you guys do. (I think I cut the left-side of this painting a little when I was cropping the photo oops).

Untitled Mask Still Life
Medium: Oil