Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is a Sign of Summer

School took over my life, and my creativity was exhausted on my painting class, which is ironic, because it didn't require much outside thinking. I haven't drawn much at all, and therefore, I've lost all the ideas that I had. Basically, I don't know what to draw, and things I drew tonight all sucked. I included one. 

This is a duck I saw while driving around a gated community...I thought it was random, seeing a duck on someone's front lawn. 

My Shoe(s)

My tiny bus!

Scribb #69

 My final in my painting class. It was painted over the course of 3 about 13 hours? It was pretty boring, because it was a still life. I've looked at this so much that I don't like it at all now. Maybe you guys do. (I think I cut the left-side of this painting a little when I was cropping the photo oops).

Untitled Mask Still Life
Medium: Oil 

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