Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artists that I like

I have drawn over the past week or so, but nothing relevant to this blog. I decided to post several pieces of artwork of some of my favorite modern artists. I'm not going to write titles down because I don't know them.


I know this one is called "Premonition."


I know this first one is part of a mental map series which I had the pleasure of seeing at the SFMOMA.

He writes comics for the SF Datebook, which are where these drawings are from. I don't find the text he includes with his drawings relevant, so I found some that didn't really have any. Anyway, he does really lovely sketches of SF.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Old and New

The first two are from my Drawing II Class. I have these online somewhere else, but these are hi-res versions.

I think this one is called Through the Broken Glass. I actually like this drawing.
Medium: Graphite and Colored Pencil

 The 400 
Medium: Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite

These next two are super old. Both were done on 5/25/2008.

 This one doesn't need a title. It's  just a view of South San Francisco on an actual street.

This is also untitled. I think this looks really awkward. 

 Scribb #29

Scribb #28
The color temperature is all messed up here.

 Scribb #27 - A new kind of hat.
This is my favorite of the bunch. I hope hats like this exist somewhere. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Drawings

I have these images on facebook, but they are terrible pictures, because I didn't give much thought to them. I did take better photos for my official portfolio when I was applying to art school, but I never posted them anywhere. Today, with the help of a professional photographer, I was able to take some really hi-resolution photos. The original jpegs are gigantic and can be blown up enormously. Here is only a sampling. I think I'll put more up, since I have more at hand. 

My titles for my serious drawings are really bad/uncreative. I would like to call this Untitled Pear, because I can't remember the original. This is the oldest drawing of the bunch. If you look closely, you can see faint gridlines, which is how I drew this image.
Medium: Graphite and Pastel

 This might be called Electric String. If it isn't, I think it still works. 
Medium: charcoal and pastel. 

First, time I have shown this painting online. It is one of my most recent pieces artwork. I have never painted before so excuse my technique. It's unfinished right now, but I don't feel like working on it right now. I also have no title for it. So right now, I think I would call it a general concept. Medium: Oil Paint

I don't explain my work much at all. If there are any questions concerning subject matter, and someone actually asks, I will attempt to answer, but it will be very vague. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Random Bunch

So I decided to show what my sketches usually look like and that I really don't just draw silly "fashion" sketches all the time. I actually don't too much, I just think they are interesting to draw. The #24 and #25 are examples of what my quick sketches actually look like. They are both drawn with graphite. I thought inking them would take away from the freshness and subtlety of both drawings. 

Scribb #26
 Well, this is a ballerina. 

Scribb #25
 This woman has hair.

These are what my drawings usually look like. 

Scribb #24

I actually like drawing these sort of images. In fact, my real portfolio has a bunch of bizarre drawings. I have some paintings that would fit that category and I plan to put them on here later, when I'm not lazy. I might do that tomorrow. 

Scribb # 23

OH, so I really like drawing fluffy birds. Not sure if the ones below are well executed, but I think the concept worked. :D

Scribb # 22

I like this bird better. It's a bit blurry and that is totally my fault. 

Scribb #21

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Several Scribbs at once, but I won't number them since these are such rough ideas.
So please excuse these sketches, a couple of them are really terrible, but its the ideas that count. 

So I am considering doing odd little illustrations and selling prints on etsy. And these are the basic concepts for some ideas. I will insert captions, since some may be difficult to see due to Lack of color. 

I think this one is almost straight forward. It's a lobster preparing sushi. 

A woman fighting with a clam for her pearl necklace. 

A hamburger patty chasing down its kill. OH, and those snake-like things would be ketchup and mustard....I might include a mayo packet.

A swan's discovery of its paper counterpart. (On second thought, I think that paper creature is actually a paper crane...but...whatever.)

A very cold icecube. 

I guess this is a political sort of image? I thought it was kind of funny.

(Also, the random writings/scribbles in blue ink are just notes to myself.)