Saturday, January 8, 2011


Several Scribbs at once, but I won't number them since these are such rough ideas.
So please excuse these sketches, a couple of them are really terrible, but its the ideas that count. 

So I am considering doing odd little illustrations and selling prints on etsy. And these are the basic concepts for some ideas. I will insert captions, since some may be difficult to see due to Lack of color. 

I think this one is almost straight forward. It's a lobster preparing sushi. 

A woman fighting with a clam for her pearl necklace. 

A hamburger patty chasing down its kill. OH, and those snake-like things would be ketchup and mustard....I might include a mayo packet.

A swan's discovery of its paper counterpart. (On second thought, I think that paper creature is actually a paper crane...but...whatever.)

A very cold icecube. 

I guess this is a political sort of image? I thought it was kind of funny.

(Also, the random writings/scribbles in blue ink are just notes to myself.)

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    i like the icecube one a lot..