Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Random Bunch

So I decided to show what my sketches usually look like and that I really don't just draw silly "fashion" sketches all the time. I actually don't too much, I just think they are interesting to draw. The #24 and #25 are examples of what my quick sketches actually look like. They are both drawn with graphite. I thought inking them would take away from the freshness and subtlety of both drawings. 

Scribb #26
 Well, this is a ballerina. 

Scribb #25
 This woman has hair.

These are what my drawings usually look like. 

Scribb #24

I actually like drawing these sort of images. In fact, my real portfolio has a bunch of bizarre drawings. I have some paintings that would fit that category and I plan to put them on here later, when I'm not lazy. I might do that tomorrow. 

Scribb # 23

OH, so I really like drawing fluffy birds. Not sure if the ones below are well executed, but I think the concept worked. :D

Scribb # 22

I like this bird better. It's a bit blurry and that is totally my fault. 

Scribb #21

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