Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picture Overload

I said I was selfish last post, but I am willing to share my drawings now. There are only two that I find remotely interesting (the first two images). I'm testing out some new subject matter. 

As for the rest, I was really uninspired. But one rainy day, I purchased a dress for a very cheap price. I liked it so much I decided to draw it. So most of the pictures are drawings of my own clothes more or less. Plus, I was really delighted to draw on Bristol. 

This is the new subject matter:

Scribb #41
Title: The Circulatory System

A detail

The Boring/Normal Subject matter:

The first two are not inspired by my wardrobe. 

Scribb #40

Scribb #39

Scribb #38

Scribb #37

Scribb #36

I really like using balloons as subject matter if you haven't guessed. 

Scribb #35

Scribb #34

This is the one that started this "series."

Scribb #33

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  1. ohhhriviaaaa.....
    i like the shoes of #35 & 38.....

    ps. lets go snow boarding wiff rebeccar rowrr...