Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Happened Next

I started school up this week and I have a ton of work to cram in before I go off on a weeklong hiatus from school, but it's for good reason. I really shouldn't have drawn these, but I couldn't help myself. I also decided to add captions because I think these need them.

Scribb #63
The figure in the back is supposed to be in a body of water, but I don't know if I communicated that successfully.

Scribb #62
This was ripped off a shot from a music video I watched recently. The overall whiteness is supposed to be snow, but someone said it looked like the beach...whatever works for you.

Scribb #61

 I drew this while I re-watched Once which is unrelated to this image. 

Scribb #60

This was taken from a rough sketch I did off the coast. Don't know what the beach was called, and I took some liberties. 


  1. <3 #60.... looks like Rockaway Beach...and half moon bay hill? at the end...

  2. Rockaway maybe, I'm not sure.