Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Explosion of Photos and Fireworks!

I guess I'm compensating for my lack of posts with tons of photos. All these drawings were very quick, and therefore, they are very rough...some of them still had the pencil lines. I've been best friends my calculator for the past weeks, so I've neglected my pencils and pens.

Scribb #82
I took a walk on this path in a park in SF. The real version is much better.

Just some quick sketches from pictures I saw on the interwebs:

Scribb #81
I drew this when I was hunting online for them. I got a pair on ebay as an early birthday gift and my feet have felt extremely cool for the past week. I was going to to color in the threads...This drawing took some concentration along with the next.

Scribb #80
 A badly rendered image of a Diana F I'm borrowing.

My little cheap telephone necklace. I don't wear necklaces, but I made an exception.

4th of July! 

My experimentation with composition and my camera's timer.

San Diego Beach, and a lonely girl.

My grandma's African Grey, forgot his name, but really gorgeous.

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